Scheme Administration

In the ever-changing landscape of employee benefits, delivering retirement benefits administration services that are competitive, cost-effective, and in compliance with legislation takes vigilance and expertise. 

Outsourcing benefits administration to CPF allows you the room to weather the changes while keeping to your strategic mission. 

At CPF, we are focused on delivering the best in scheme administration, affording you the time to focus on your core business goals. 

Our systems and operational capabilities are unparalleled. We operate a fully digitized office which ensures enhanced efficiency, service delivery and accountability.

As a Scheme Administrator, CPF Financial Services provides various services to our clients including:

  • Carrying out daily administration and management of the affairs of the scheme in accordance with the provisions of the Retirement Benefits Act, Scheme Trust Deed and Rules, its amendments, any other relevant legislation in force related to the scheme.
  • Computing and paying benefits to the members and their beneficiaries directly as provided for by the law and scheme rules.
  • Offering advisory and training services to the trustees, members and sponsors on their rights and obligations in the scheme.
  • Preparing the scheme budgets, cash flow and liquidity requirements as may from time to time be required.
  • Availing the required data of the scheme to the service providers to enable preparation of statutory returns to the Retirement Benefits Authority.
  • Advising the Trustees to ensure that the Fund Manager is investing the scheme funds in compliance with the provisions of the Retirement Benefits Act, the Regulations, scheme trust deed and rules and other relevant legislation in force.
  • Carrying out all other functions stated in the instrument of appointment.