CPF Consulting is the Training and consultancy arm of the CPF Group. Harnessing experience spanning over 90 years and partnership with renowned Consultants and trainers, CPF Consulting brings practical solutions to the myriad challenges facing organizations and individuals.



We believe in walking with our clients to identify challenges and crystalize solutions in order to achieve individual and organizational goals.

Our approach is interactive and participatory thereby creating long lasting partnerships with our clients for purposes of knowledge transfer.



  1. Leadership and Management

Performance, whether personal or organizational, is a product of effective Leadership. The capacity of an Organization for greater heights of growth and sustainability is pegged on the quality of its leaders.


  1. Trust and Collaboration

“It is amazing how much can be accomplished if we do not care who gets the credit”. This quote from Harry S. Truman holds true for Organizations. Building High Performance Teams means getting everyone to focus on the collective goal.


  1. Organizational Productivity- Return on Investment on human capital

Staff motivation and engagement ensures that everyone strives to reach their full potential, giving their all and sparing no effort in achieving organizational and personal goals.


  1. Employee wellness

The pressure to deliver organizational and personal targets often results in burnout, fear, frustration and anxiety leading to mental illnesses.


  1. Passing the baton- Managing employee retirement

Every beginning has an end. Organizations are as good as the people they employ and how they treat these people from “onboarding” to “disembarking”. How well do we treat our employees when it is time for them to disembark? They must never feel as if they are being discarded.


OUR SOLUTIONS- Training Services


  1. Leading for success.

Our Leadership program provides practical skills for new leaders as well as cutting edge issues for experienced leaders in order to navigate the ever changing business landscape. We combine knowledge of strategy, governance and business continuity as key components of effective leadership.


  1. Managing Performance

This program aims at disseminating practical skills and tools for managing performance at the workplace. The program discusses the success factors for high performance as well as the need for structured performance measurement. With special reference to the Balanced Scorecard, we bring strategy to life so as to make strategy execution everybody’s everyday job.


  1. Counselling at the Workplace

High performance organizations are high pressure institutions. The current global pandemic occasioned by COVID-19 has exacerbated the situation creating unprecedented pressure, tension, stress, anger, frustration and anxiety. All these create fertile grounds for mental pressures. This program is aimed at helping employees to manage their emotional and psychological wellbeing.


  1. Building Trust and Collaboration at the workplace

The program aims at enhancing trust and collaboration at the workplace in order to ensure that individual and team effort is directed at achieving organizational goals. Every Organization craves for team members that are motivated and engaged enough to innovatively provide solutions to their clients thereby enhancing organizational growth and sustainability. This program enables institutions to breakdown internal silos and build trust and collaboration for improved organizational performance.




  1. Preparing for the Exit- Preretirement Training

With experience in Social security management spanning over 90 years, at CPF Consulting we assist individuals to prepare for a smooth separation from their employer.

  1. Secure Tomorrow Today- This program targets new employees and provides them with skills to plan for their twilight years from the onset of gainful employment, whether formal or informal.
  2. Passing the baton: This program targets those that have been in employment and have at least 10 years to retirement.
  • Life after Life-at-the-Top This programs targets corporate executives to prepare them for the next phase of life which may be characterized by reduced visibility and influence. What options are there to keep them engaged as useful members of society?

Key skills include psychological preparedness, personal financial planning/management, entrepreneurship and managing health concerns.

These programs are available also on an in-house arrangement. Talk to us.



OUR SOLUTIONS- Consulting Services


Talk to us for these Services


  1. Strategy Formulation, Execution and Review
  2. Governance Audits and Board Evaluation
  3. Risk Management & Business Continuity Planning
  4. Pension Scheme Set-up
  5. HR Consulting:


  1. Recruitment and Selection:

Focus on your core business and let us source for you the perfect match for your organization.


  1. Job Evaluation:

With the increased need to remain profitable, companies desire to retain top talent, well remunerated and highly motivated. Organizations seek to minimize costs of recruitment while at the same time reducing learning curves.


  1. HR Policy Development and Implementation: Human Resources policies and procedures constitute the real backbone and foundation of any organization, guiding the organization and its employees to ensure that there is harmony, fairness and order in the organization.


Talk to us for these and many more HR solutions



Why CPF Consulting


  1. Client satisfaction is crucial. We endeavor to exceed your expectations with value added services.
  2. Knowledge transfer. Our interactive and participatory approach ensures that the Client is left with a competent team to carry on the work. We support you to develop internal capabilities rather than leave you dependent on CPF Consulting.
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation of your progress; We walk with you as you implement recommendations/action plans from Consulting assignments or training programs
  4. We care, We Fulfill Lives!



  1. Passing the Baton- PRE-RETIREMENT TRAINING

(The regular training session takes 2days covering the content below)


In this economy it is not enough to have good investments, you need a plan that navigates the critical stages of retirement planning. This training is designed to help individuals to plan and prepare for separation from gainful work e.g. the employer. The training approaches the subject of separation in a practical way, looking at the realities of separation and helping participants develop a personalized action-plan in taking a positive approach to the next phase of their lives.

Purpose of This Training

As retirement takes on a new face in the corporate world; employees continue to struggle with the transition from active employment to retirement. This is brought on by the lack of awareness and more so the lack of preparation for the mental, emotional and social transition that comes with this phase of life. To combat this, the modern day employee needs to be equipped with tools, ideas and the confidence to make the best decision and preparations towards their retirement.

The Pre-Retirement Training therefore comes in to provide a road map for employees of all ages by addressing key issues like: Psychological preparedness, Financial Planning, Entrepreneurship, Healthy Living and Estate Planning. This training is intended to help individuals to transition smoothly and in the best way possible.

Benefits of the Training

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  1. a) Make the transition from active employment to the next phase of life
  2. b) Identify the sources of stress; before, during and after separation from employment
  3. c) Appreciate the importance of estate planning
  4. d) Apply tools to assess their personal financial status
  5. e) Consider Entrepreneurship as a viable option in life
  6. f) Take care of their health
  7. g) Recognize factors that lead to family destabilization and how to prevent it


Training Methodology

Participants will learn by active participation during the program through the use of a wide variety of instructional techniques. There will be group exercises to allow for a “hands-on” approach to learning. Case studies will be utilized to present “best practice” approaches. In addition there will be role-plays and in-depth discussions. Other teaching aids such as videos will also be utilized. Our methodology aims at ensuring that there is effective knowledge transfer and learning by the participants.


  1. Psychological Preparedness
  2. Medical & Psychological wellbeing
  3. Financial Planning
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Estate Planning
  6. Life Testimony from a retired person


Target Audience

This training is relevant to all cadres of employees.




  1. Entrepreneurship

(This is a short training session which is usually offered as part of Passing the Baton Program)

Duration: 2 Hrs.

Investment: Kshs. 2,000

Mode of Training: Online delivery




“The key to financial freedom”

Everyone is an Entrepreneur in one way or the other, come learn how to recognize the commercial potential of invention, organizing capital, talent and other resources that turn an invention into a commercially viable innovation.


Benefits of the training;

  • Reduce fears associated with starting a business
  • Gain confidence in Idea Generation
  • Acquire tips for creating winning Business plans
  • Obtain understanding of Finance, Law and Marketing in business


Target audience



Startup business people



  1. Work place Counseling


Duration: 2hrs

Fees: Kshs. 2,000

Mode of Training: Online delivery




Managing stress and work life balance isn’t a luxury but should be considered absolutely essential for the mental, physical and emotional well-being of every staff member. Every aspect of work life, from safety, sick days, customer satisfaction and work place harmony are all directly affected by how stress and work life balance is managed.


Benefits of the training;

  • Achieve balance in personal and work life
  • Develop emotional intelligence in workplace relationships
  • Create a work place culture in which people can thrive
  • Resolve anger and conflict in the self and teams
  • Take control of your habits and achieve success in all areas of your life


Target audience

All cadre of Employees

Managers and Supervisors


Online Delivery, what has changed?


The content and your favorite facilitators remain the same. We are just not able to meet you physically in line with social distancing guidelines.