Mpension is a flexible personal retirement plan designed to guarantee a dignified and fulfilled life.

It is a unique & innovative product which allows members to register through mobile devices.

Why should you join?

Benefits include;

  1. High investment returns
  2. Flexible contributions from as low as Ksh. 50 per day or a minimum of Ksh.500 per month
  3. Multiple channels of contribution
  4. Free life insurance cover of upto a maximum of Ksh. 100,000
  5. Tax relief on contributions
  6. Free statements
  7. Up to 60% of accumulated funds can be used to secure a mortgage
  8. 100% of accumulated funds paid upon exit or paid as pension
  9. Tips on financial planning and management .

*Life insurance cover is subject to Terms and Conditions. Insurance is supported by Laser Insurance Brokers.

How do you join ?

  1.  Dial *289# on your mobile and follow the prompts
  2.  Or visit any CPF branch and complete the registration form with your personal details and appointed next of kin

How do you make contributions?

  1. Through M-PESA paybill 921125 using your ID number as account number and M-PESA Standing orders
  2. Cash and cheque payments at CPF branch offices countrywide (See branches listed below)
  3.  Employer check-off
  4. Bank standing orders
  5. Personal & institutional cheques