Cybersecurity Training

Date: 9th-11th Nov 2016. Venue: Sarova Stanley Hotel, Nairobi. Cyber Security for your Company Protect your Company: Learn about Cyber Crime, Cyber Terrorism & Its Countermeasures. The internet is a powerful platform, one that connects companies to new and larger markets and also provides the opportunity to work more efficiently through the use of computer based tools. Whether your business is thinking of adopting cloud computing or just using email and mantaining a website, cybersecurity should be part of your plan. Theft of digital information has become the most commonly reported fraud. Therefore since your company uses the internet, you are responsible for
creating a culture of security to enhance business and customer confidence.

Being Securing Aware.
This 3 day Cyber Security Seminar convenes experts in cyber security in the region to offer insights to participants on securing their companies cyberspace and empowering them with knowledge on the most effective cybersecurity strategies and principles for companies across various sectors and industries in the country. Be secure. Be aware.

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